To be a member of the Club, your Pathfinder will need a field uniform and a dress uniform.
  • Our field uniform consists of a club t-shirt and modest shorts or long pants for all.
  • Dress uniform includes black pants for boys and modest (must be purchased from our supplier or pre-approved) black skirts for girls; a khaki shirt or blouse with all patches; an official pathfinder belt; a yellow scarf and slide; and a black honor sash. Black socks and black shoes with low or no heel are needed by all.
  • View the NAD online charts to correctly position insignia on a dress uniform shirt or ask for a printed copy.
  • Girls and women may wear uniform long pants (purchased from our supplier or pre-approved) while participating in outreach activities and Drill team other than in church or at Michigan Conference events.
  • Because of our cooler climate our warm, black, hooded club sweat shirts are comfortable optional items.
  • The Club can order uniform parts or you may purchase items directly from Advent Source.
  • Used uniform parts may be available at a reduced price, and you may return used items for credit if in like-new condition.
To all club events, please wear neat, clean, modest clothing that upholds the dress standards set by Andrews Academy, Ruth Murdoch Elementary School, as ministries of Pioneer Memorial Church:
  • Shirts or blouses should have sleeves and modest necklines and should cover the midriff at all times.
  • Pants or skirts should fit at the natural waistline, hemmed so as not to drag on the ground.
  • Uniform skirts should be at the knee, or up to 2 inches below the knee.
  • Shorts should end closer to the knee than to the crotch.
Avoid form-fitting styles, sheer fabrics and clothing imprinted with symbols, pictures, words, or statements which promote products, philosophies, and/or lifestyles or which refer to subcultures and commodoties contrary to the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist belief system.